Buying your dream home is a marathon. There are so many factors involved that it can easily overwhelm you. Everyone loves a newly built home with a nice kitchen and high-end appliances, it should be big enough to host a gathering of a few close ones and it should be centrally located to grocery, highways and schools. Guess what? You are not alone. It is a standard criteria for most home buyers out in the market. It’s true that you can use a website by applying a few filters however, it is not enough to climb the real estate ladder. The real estate market is constantly being flooded with new listings and you need help to navigate current market conditions.

This is where we can help you! You can trust the experts at soldbysukhraj to help you narrow your search and provide you with the critical comparative market analysis to keep you within your budget. We work hard to find your home and ensure the whole experience of buying and selling is a smooth sailing throughout. To help you start the process, we will have a sit down, outline your criteria and amenities you are looking for in your house and will apply our expertise to find listings that are a very close match to your expectation.

When you buy with us on your side:

  • We send you listings based on your criteria.
  • We book the showings for you.
  • We accompany you for open houses.
  • Prepare the offer for the house.
  • Help you step into your new house.

We also believe is sharing the pot so we would like to put something back into your pocket. Have you heard about our cashback reward program?

Cash Back Commission Structure

If you are in the market to buy a property, then we have a deal for you.

At SoldBySukhraj we put money back in your pocket with our Cash Back reward service. As a buyer, you can earn up to 50% cash back off commission. To put things into perspective, on a $1 million property, that is over $6000 cash back directly to the homebuyer!

This advantageous cash back service for homebuyers is provided alongside SoldbySukhraj’s discount Realtor® services. This Cash Back buying service is straight-forward and easy, giving home buyers cash back when they use our packages to buy their home or property. It is true, you can buy a home and make money!

Package A

  • You find your own home.
  • We represent and assist you by putting an offer.
  • You earn 50% cash back commission.
I want package A

Package B

  • We search the home together.
  • We provide a comparative market analysis.
  • We set up showing appointments for you.
  • We accompany at home inspection.
  • We represent and assist you just as any traditional agent.
  • You earn 25% cash back commission.
I want package B

Cash Back Realty: Earn incentives Buying a Home

SoldbySukhraj’s cash back reward program for home buyers includes services of an experienced’ buyer’s agent and puts cash back in the home buyer’s pocket. You can further reduce cost of selling your house by using these cash back saving towards already discounted commissions, If you sell before you buy.

Cash Back Brokerage: How Buyer's Agents are Compensated

A typical contract of sale and purchase states the total commission paid by the seller along with how much of that is paid by the selling agent’s brokerage to the buyer’s agent brokerage. The commission paid by the seller covers the seller agent’s portion and buyer agent’s portion. Home buyers are not to pay any portion of the real estate commissions.

Cash Back Real Estate for Buyers: How Cash Incentives for Buyers Work

Recent changes to the Real Estate Act allow licensed Realtors® to pay cash incentives to non-licensed individuals. If a home buyer purchases a home using a licensed Realtor®, the brokerage is permitted to pay the buyer as an incentive to increase business. The payment is treated as an expense to the Realtor®, but it’s tax-free to the home buyer!

How to Get Cash Back Rewards with Sold by Sukhraj

When you purchase your home with me, you will receive 25% or 50% of the agent’s commission earned upon closing. This means if you purchase a property for $1000,000, the agent would typically be paid $13,570, leaving you with either $6,785 (50%) or $3,392.50 (25%) after deducting brokerage charges and depend on how you find your home. You receive the cheque when you take possession of your home.

Cash Back for Home Buyers: No Strings Attached with Sold by Sukhraj

Our home buyers’ cash back reward program has no conditions or fine print. You are not restricted or penalized with time limits or home tour requirements prior to purchasing. You will never be asked to sign a buyer’s brokerage agreement or be contractually committed to a purchase.